HCM Solutions

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Affiliated Payroll’s HCM Solution

Companies today need more than simple payroll and tax calculation software. You need a powerful HCM system designed to meet complex payroll, HR and benefits needs as well as the technology challenges of a continuously shifting business landscape.

Affiliated payroll gives you the tools to meet current and future Human Capital Management challenges with certainty!

A powerful HCM system built just for you.
Affiliated Payroll’s HCM solution is a comprehensive cloud based system that provides the features and flexibility to handle most payrolls, regardless of complexity or uniqueness. Affiliated Payroll’s HCM solution includes not only Payroll, Payroll Tax Management, HR Management, Benefits Management and Online Enrollment, Employee Onboarding, Time and Labor Management, but also a full suite of ancillary services such as Workers’ Compensation, Retirement Planning, CRM, Payroll cards and much more. See below diagram:


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The benefits of Affiliated Payroll’s HCM software include:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based design
  • Dashboard to allow quick view and access to key features
  • Track payroll from creation to delivery
  • Full-featured, robust employee maintenance module with ability to meet the needs of most industry sectors
  • Intuitive four-step payroll entry process
  • Extensive online report library

In summary, Affiliated Payroll offers a strategic end-to-end HCM solution that makes everyone in your organization more effective. The end result is an empowered management, payroll, human resource and accounting staff that can access critical information quickly and perform routine business activities more efficiently.
Lastly, Affiliated Payroll’s rich yet flexible HCM solution allow you to benefit from enhanced workforce management functionality without significant investment in time or money.