Payroll Time Entry Options

Payroll Time Entry-00090Affiliated Payroll offers multiple options for time entry including:

  1. Web Based Time Entry
  2. Time System Upload
  3. Fax In
  4. Call In

The Affiliated Payroll Web Portal and Time Clock Upload options are the preferred means of payroll time submission by our clients due the fact that data entry using these methods takes less time, is more accurate as well as being more convenient. Included for each Affiliated Payroll client that chooses to submit their time using our state-of-the-art Web Portal is a custom designed payroll data entry screen that significantly reduces the time it takes to input payroll information (as much as 50% less time). Additionally, the custom designed payroll data entry screens are key to making the ease of use experience for an Affiliated Payroll client unmatched in the industry. Lastly, because all pay items, deduction items and rates are visible and editable on one screen, accuracy is ensured every pay period.