How it Works

Online Reporting-00088Your employees punch in and out on the clock by either swiping their personal electronic time card, placing their finger on a BioMetric reader, logging into their Web Clock or, calling in via a telephone.  The clock silently transmits the employees punch activity — reliably and securely and the time and attendance records are immediately available to you through the Internet.

From our online site, you can verify and edit employee punches, see updated totals at any time as well as being able to run and/or download  payroll reports in several formats.

Our electronic time and attendance clock is especially ideal if your organization has several branches or locations, because you can connect multiple clocks to the same network.  Since all of your organization’s clocks will upload into the same server, payroll data is combined in one place.  Employees can even clock in on one clock, and out on another.  Our electronic timekeeping solution is the perfect scalable solution for today’s growing enterprise.